Trinity United Methodist Church, Bisbee AZ.

We are expanding our ministry and missions through media, so we, God's people can be transformed by the love, hope and victory though Jesus Christ. May we, though the Holy Spirit, witness God's love to all with whom we come into contact. Empowering and inspiring them, all things are possible as faithful disciples, serving our God and being good to one another. We believe any obstacle can be overcome. To live the victorious life God has intended for us to live.

Trinity United Methodist Church

Preschool: Mrs. Rainy @ (520) 432-2696

Bible Study: Sunday's from 9:30-10:30
Service Time: Sunday's from 10:30-11:30
Men's Emmaus meetings: Wednesday's at Noon (Please call for POC).
Women's Emmaus Meetings: Monday's at 1:00pm (Please call for POC).


Located: 216 Arizona St.
                   Bisbee AZ. 85603

Phone Number: (520) 432-2696


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